He is a great team player and adds so much value to a sales campaign.

Tony and I worked together on a global sales campaign for a global account. I was the Global Account Director and Tony supported us locally in the US. Not only Tony was culturally a perfect fit to work together with the people from geographies all over the globe, but he was really driving the sales cycle with providing excellent networking skills and high quality materials. Tony was a key player to win the opportunity for us.

I am very glad that I have picked Tony to support me and the account in the US. If anybody has the pleasure working together with Tony don't miss one of his great gigs. He knows how to play the guitar!

- Tillman Jeungst, Senior Market Director, PTC




"When it comes to Cloud Services Sales and Client Relationship Management, Tony is top notch. He's experienced, bright and persuasive, but he's also a class act both personally and professionally. Tony has brought in some significant deals for large Cloud Services clients for PTC Inc. He gets behind products he believes in and always puts the client's best interest first. He understands how to build long-term relationships with clients while boosting the company's bookings targets."

- Marni Reinleib, Operations Director, PTC




"Tony is simply a delight to work with. He and I started with PTC at the same time, and it was not long before I knew he was going to be a tremendous asset not only to our team, but to me as well.  Tony has a larger than life personality that quickly draws people to him, and instantly gains credibility with any/all customers that he engages with. Tony outperformed everyone else on out team, not only with revenue creation, but with work ethic, drive, determinations, and true professionalism.  Tony is highly recommended."

- Edward Rodney Teat, Cloud Hosting Business Development Specialist, PTC



"I was initially introduced to Tony while we were working on a joint project for a mutual client, he was in Atlanta and I was in New York City. We went back and forth a few times on email and finally we managed to meet while Tony was in New York City. Prior to meeting Tony, I was not familiar with, by the time Tony left two days later, I was a paying customer. This was not because Tony could sell The Brooklyn Bridge, although he could, but rather that he was passionate about his product, and delivers his vision in an eloquent, impacting, friendly manner. I have been in the textile business for over 20 years, salesman come and go, I have met all sorts. I can earnestly say that Tony is a great guy, fantastic salesman, a businessman, friend, and most certainly an invaluable asset to any organization that is so fortunate to have him."

- John Breining, Managing Director, NY Fashion Center Fabrics



"Tony is a laser beam focused executive who in a very short space of time joined with an idea in hand and successfully launched a new Textiles product line taking it from scratch to a leading category for the company. Tony is very personable and gets stuff done even when the odds are stacked against him. His industry knowledge and international experience enable him to cut across all cultures positioning him to be successful at every endeavor he undertakes. Watch this space.... Tony is going places"

- Sherwin Krug, COO and SVP Global Bus. Dev., and Partner at Tech CXO



"I was closely working with Tony in when he was director for global textile business and I was sales director in Asia. Tony is a energetic, creative, proactive and systematic senior executive. He was very strong at business strategy, planning and analysis. His global experience and especially deep knowledge about Asian business enviroment was impressive. Tony effectively drove the global textile business model and achieved results. He's a also a resourceful person to expand business from the US to the rest of the world. It will be my pleasure to work with Tony again sometime in the future.”

-Holly (Huaqinq) Qu, Director, Supplier Services, Asia Pacific,



"Tony = ( [Textiles industry expertise] x [web thinking] ) ^ 2 I had the pleasure to work with Tony for over three years during his time of being project leader, subject matter expert, business development head, marketing executive and partner manager - all in one. Tony defined and built the Textiles vertical from the initial idea to a prospering business unit. Tony is not only passionate about everything he is doing, he is also an inspirational manager and fun to work with. Up and down the value chain of the global textiles industry, from content knowledge to sourcing expertise to global industry connections - Tony is creative and thinks out-of-the-box, and he also has this hands-on mentality to dig into whatever is needed to make his ideas become reality."

- Heiko Binder, Senior Vice President, Global Product Management,



"I want to write an unsolicited endorsement for Tony Forcucci. He is a colleague at and a well rounded expert in Textile manufacturing; marketing, sales and service. I went to Tony for solid facts when I presented anything to a Textiles Manufacturer and many times enlisted Tony's help in speaking intelligently with clients. Textiles is not my expertise. Tony is HIGH ENERGY, knowledgeable, ethical, friendly and ALWAYS there for his colleagues, friends, anyone. He is an expert in sales. He is an expert in many things; even music! A great guy; a great colleague; a great asset to any organization."

- Dorothy Farmer, Strategic Consultant,



"It doesn't do the term "passionate" justice when applied to Tony. He is energetic, extremely knowledgeable, and an evangelist for the textiles industry. Tony is also entrepreneurial - I worked with Tony as he built a business model to support textiles manufacturing on, and his passion throughout was as thought it were for his own company. He is focused, committed and a strong advocate that understands his market and customers. Tony is a solid, fun, consummate professional."

- AJ Sweatt, Principle of AJ Sweatt Logic & Communications



"He is full of energy to push forward projects to everyone and get it run quickly with limited resources and manpower. By working with him on textile verticle developing in Asia, I learnt how to manage a project with so many details by different directions. He knows how to work on most complicated and trouble cases, with his always possitve attitude. He can influent people working with him."

- Rachel Shen, Senior Manager, Public Relations, Asia Pacific



"We worked with Tony to structure a business partnership of mutual benefit to both our companies. Tony was very easy to work with, and we developed a program together that was of value to both companies. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Tony again on another project."

- David Audrain, President & CEO, Messe Frankfurt North America



“I worked closely with Tony during my tenure at and it was always a treat to be associated with him. His best quality is that he is receptive and he is always up to discuss and implement the new ideas. He has absolutely commendable selling skills and he is a great trainer too! He has been a great colleague and I would always love working with him."

- Rahul Chawla, Business Development Manager - South Asia,



"I have had the pleasure to work with Tony on several marketing campaigns. I always admire his passion for his business. What impresses too is his crystal clear vision of how to precisely describe, sell and market his company services. Consistently Tony was an early adopter, the first to use our new digital marketing products. Plus, he is also a master at marketing innovations to target the pulse of the industry, a priceless trait."

- Daniella Platt, Sales & Marketing Aficionado, California Apparel News



"Tony Forcucci is one of the most innovative and energetic people I have ever worked with. His imagination and vision are clearly seen in his formation of a new division of called Textiles. He has turned his textile dream into a reality within just a few months, and Textiles continues grow exponentially every day. What Tony doesn't know, he learns. What he does know, he teaches. It is impossible to find these kind of traits in a leader. Tony Forcucci = Success."

- Trey Lyda, Principle at