I have presented to private groups and associations in the USA, Europe, and Asia. I present to key executives at companies that want a new perspective and to sales teams that need some fresh air in their approach.  I'm a believer in "Facts Tell but Stories Sell" and like to present to audiences with fun and useful stories that inform, entertain, and leave a memorable takeaway.

Speaking in Frankfurt, Germany

Speaking in Frankfurt, Germany

Unorthadox Ways to Get Exposure for a New Brand: Anecdotes and insight on building a brand globally.

How to get your brand to stand out when you're the new guy on the scene : Have I got a story for you.

Avoiding not so obvious pitfalls when growing a company Internationally: What to consider.

Globalization and what I'd tell every high schooler in America: Travel the world.

Using social media to grow your brand: Creative, no budget ways to reach key influencers.

Corporate chess: Why it's important to select the right partners.

The realities of doing business overseas: Who likes Wine and Coffee?

Business lessons from 2112 (yes that 2112) : Business strategy, control, and capitalism.

If you would like to know more or are interested in booking me to speak at your keynote event or team training, you can contact me here.